Our Service: Translation from English into Portuguese

Professional translation from English into Portuguese with great accuracy in different areas is the service we offer to help individuals, businesses and organizations to communicate with the Portuguese-speaking world. We specialize in Brazilian Portuguese and are able to translate in diverse areas. Request a free quote through


We have experts who specialize in different areas for whom we will submit your text for final proofreading/translation.

We offer a number of Portuguese Translation services including document translation, power point translation, manuals, subtitles, and others. Your demand can range from translating a simple sentence in day-by-day language to a complex technical manual using the correct jargon in Portuguese.

Some samples of our Portuguese Translations for different industry segments:

The following are some of the fields we cover:
• Health Care Portuguese Translation
• Human Resources Portuguese Translation
• Medical Portuguese Translation
• Document Portuguese Translation
• Marketing and Advertising Portuguese Translation
• Financial Portuguese Translation
• Nonprofit and Associations Portuguese Translation
Portuguese Travel Translation
Some of the other fields of business that we are able to translate from English into Portuguese: Consumer Products and Retail; Energy; Financial; Life Sciences; Manufacturing; Media and Entertainment; Technology; Automotive and Automation; Automation; Manufacturing; Architecture; Chemical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering

Some documents we translate from English into Portuguese:

• Advertising Documents
• Professional Articles
• Presentation Materials
• PowerPoint presentations
• Pamphlets & Brochures
• Reports
• Memos and Communications
• Employee Handbooks
• Resumes
• Papers

Whether your Portuguese translation need is large or small you can rely on our services. The main way that we certify the translation is by staying in contact with our clients – solving all meaningful doubts and delivering the right and accurate translation in Portuguese.

Some features of our English/Portuguese Translation Services:

• Quality translation
• Accurate and reliable
• Always on time
• Permanent communication with the client
• Confidentiality

We strongly believe that your documents deserve the best translation possible. Ask for a free quote through: portuguesetranslations@yahoo.com.br

Rush and weekend jobs are welcome here too. You can see in our “Portuguese Translation Occupancy Level” in the box on the right how occupied our staff is today and have a hypothetical idea of how long it will take for us to deliver your English into Portuguese translation. If you demand quality translation at a reasonable price, consider our English/Portuguese Translation Services.

Portuguese is the 6th spoken language in the world (around 240 million speakers), on the internet is the 5th and in some websites such as twitter is the second spoken language. Stay ahead of your competitors – Translate into portuguese and get into one of the most promising Brics markets, Brazil.

Know more about Portuguese Language

Know more about Brazil

Did you look for Portugese translation? Writing Portugese instead of Portuguese is an easy mistake and happens because the “gue” commonly used in Portuguese is not so common in English.

Access our main translator profile Danilo Regi de Almeida.

If you simply need a short – and free – translation or if you have some questions about some English words translated into Portuguese, here are some English/Portuguese translation tools which can help:

Google free translation tool

Collins English into Portuguese free translation tool

Translator (English into Portuguese)

Below some links for English – Portuguese online dictionaries that may help in a free short English into Portuguese translation:

Michaelis (English – Portuguese) – commonly used by Brazilians

The Free Dictionary set in Portuguese

Word Reference (English – Portuguese pair)

Bab.La English – Portuguese dictionary

Dicionário Visual (Visual Dictionary)

Besides the English – Portuguese dictionaries you can access to get some help we give below some links of Portuguese – Portuguese dictionaries because it is always good to double check meanings

Michaelis (Brazilian Portuguese)

Priberam (European Portuguese)

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