Brazilian Portuguese Diphthongs Pronunciation

Below in the chart the main rules for the diphthongs pronunciation in Brazilian Portuguese. For helping you, see the vídeo with the pronunciation of this Portuguese words


Letters Listen to this words on the movie below Rule
ãe mãe
nasalized, approximately as in flying
ai vai
v. go conjugated
as in ride
ao, au aos, auxílio
article+preposition contraction in plural, aid or assistance
as in shout
ão vão
v. go conjugated
nasalized, approximately as in round
ei feira
as in they
eu deusa
pronounce both elements
oi boi
as in toy
ou cenoura
as in local
õe aviões
nasalized, approximately as in boing

Note: the accent on the movie is from Brazil Southeast region (the same of São Paulo and Rio), particularly from Minas Gerais State. This is just a note, there aren`t great differences between the accents in Brazil which can reduce the understanding.

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