Brazilian Portuguese Stress Pronunciation

Below in the chart the main rules for the stress in the pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese. For helping you, see the vídeo with the pronunciation of this Portuguese words


Rules of stress in Portuguese:
When a word ends in a, e, o, m (except im, um and their plural forms) or s, the second last syllable is stressed camarada, camaradas, parte, partem
conmrade or fellow, conrades or fellows, part or v. leave conjugated, v. leave conjugated
When a word ends in I, u, im (and plural), um (and plural), n or a consonant other than m or s, the stress falls on the last syllable; vendi, algum, alguns, falar
v. sell conjugated, some, some, to say or tell or speak
When the rules set out in (a) and (b) are not applicable, an acute or circumflex accent appears over the stressed vowel ótica, ânimo, inglês
optic or optics, animation or liveliness, English

Note: the accent on the movie is from Brazil Southeast region (the same of São Paulo and Rio), particularly from Minas Gerais State. This is just a note, there aren`t great differences between the accents in Brazil which can reduce the understanding.

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