Days, Months and Seasons in Portuguese

Days of the Week / Dias da semana

Monday segunda-feira
Tuesday terça-feira
Wednesday quarta-feira
Thursday quinta-feira
Friday sexta-feira
Saturday sábado
Sunday domingo

In everyday language, you can say just the first part of the weekdays e.g. terça, quinta.

Weekend in Portuguese is called Final de semana (literary end of the week)

Origin: the weekdays in Portuguese end in “feira” (fair), that comes from the tradition in the past of the public fairs everyday during the week. Besides that, the first part of each day is given by an ordinal number (segunda-second; terça-third…)

Months / Meses

January janeiro
February fevereiro
March março
April abril
May maio
June junho
July julho
August agosto
September setembro
October outubro
November novembro
December dezembro

Seasons / Estações

spring a primavera
summer o verão
fall (autumn) o outono
winter o inverno

Usually the seasons in Portuguese are preceded by the definite article o/a.

Days of the week, months and seasons are written with small letters in Portuguese

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